Believe in the Magic of YOU.

The Magical Guide to Your Evolution Journey🤍

Welcome to your magical journey of self-discovery & soul actualisation.

A Magical Guide to Your Evolution Journey

Giving You The Roadmap to Your Life of Soul-fulfilment & Purpose.


I'm looking for committed & engaged individuals who want...

 - A deeper connection with your Soul & Spiritual Self

- To increase your Self-Esteem & Happiness in Life
- To uncover your Unique Soul's Gifts & Discover Your Life Purpose
- Clear Direction in your Life,  Goals & Dreams - by learning to receive the Divine Guidance Within You
- Increased Motivation & ability to Achieve, Succeed & Thrive in whatever you choose!
- To design a life you LOVE & follow your dreams!!

to join the Evolve Journey!

Uncover Your Hidden Wisdom & Soul's Gifts.

Become the vessel for your Soul to
Actively express your Purpose in this world.

Confidently Claim your Unique Magic &
feel Worthy
to express the Beautiful Gifts that
you are here to Share.
Release the binds of 3D thinking, and
step gracefully into a higher dimensional reality…
where your dreams are possible!

With magical activations, loving support, and grounded steps forward.

Evolve Gracefully,
Be Who You Came Here To Be.

What's Included?

Evolve Online Program...

9-Phase Online Journey plus access to our Facebook Group with likeminded evolving souls.

🤍 EVOLVE Course (Valued at $999)

9-Phase journey to live your purpose & actualise your soul's potential! 
Guiding you through the 9 phases of evolution, with cosmic activations, self-reflective practices, deep wisdom & teachings, and grounded steps forward - to support your journey.

🤍 EVOLVE Private Facebook Group (valued at $333)

Connect with fellow evolving souls inside our Private Facebook Group, share your experiences and support each other ~ as you make your way through this transformational portal together!

You can ask questions & share your experiences inside the group!

🤍 Lives & Past Replays! (valued at $777)

Connect, expand, amplify your journey!
You get 9+ Live Replays, as part of your Evolve Course.
You will get access to all previous live calls from inside 'evolve'. Occasionally Sophie will go live inside the facebook group for additional support, activations & inspiration!

♡ EVOLVE Course ♡ Private Facebook Group ♡ Lives & Past Replays 

the Investment

$2222 $999 

AUD (Australian Dollars). *Payment plans available

Can't wait to see you inside!

What exactly do we explore inside 'Evolve'?

Evolve is a 9-Phase Journey. It guides you purposefully through the phases, with each new step building upon the last. It's designed that way - so that you create a strong, lasting, solid foundation for yourself to continue to grow, expand & reach your dreams!

The deeper the roots, the taller the tree.

Module 1
Soul Connection

Heighten your Self-Esteem and get in touch with who YOU are, so you can create a life aligned with your true desires.

Module 2
Mental Clarity

Discover the limiting beliefs that are INHIBITING YOU from living the life you dream of - and address them!


Module 3

Enhance your magnetism and your enjoyment of life, by developing safety and comfort in your own feelings.


Module 4
Physical Integration

Take tangible actions and make aligned choices that actually allow you to actualise your goals. 

Module 5
Inner Child

Embrace pure-heartedness and have more fun! This is a BIG freedom, joy and playfulness activation. As well as lots of nurturing and healing of your little self! 


Modue 6
Shadow Play

Embrace all parts of yourself, so you can move forward on your dreams more freely and successfully - with less division and restriction.


Module 7
Spiritual Alignment

Tap directly in with your Spiritual Self, work with energy and begin developing an even deeper connection with Spirit.


Module 8
Purpose Discovery

Discover your hidden gifts, develop the qualities needed to share them, and activate your PURPOSE. 


Module 9
Life Mastery

Life is a continual Evolution, you are ever-unfolding. Prepare yourself for the journey ahead of actualising your Purpose!


Every Module Includes:

Guided Meditations & Activations

Each module begins with an 'Activation' that is specifically purposed to energetically prepare you for the module ahead. There are further meditations & activations heavily sprinkled throughout the modules. Sophie is a gifted guide who softly & purposefully brings you into a new space - energetically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually with each guided process.

Light Language & Energy Work

Sophie is a cosmic light language & energy channel. Her Light Language bypasses the conscious mind and works directly on the subconscious, energetic & Soul-Level - to vibrationally uplift and shift you to where your Soul is calling you to be. These activations are invaluable, and can be repeated as often as you like to continue working on new layers each time.

Teachings & Wisdom-Dropping

Sophie channels the Wisdom of her Soul & the Divine, amplified through her Embodied Life Experiences - to guide and support your Evolution journey. Expect some gentle reminders, some direct honesty, and some interesting insights - to shift your perspective, create more ease in your mind and elevate your way of being.

Tangible Practices

Every module invites you to apply the teachings & activations in tangible ways. There are some defined practices & creative exercises offered, as well as offerings for how you could move through your life in a new way. Your own application of the Wisdom is where you will see the greatest results in your life!

Self-Reflection Prompts

Sophie LOVES to challenge you to go deeper with yourself to uncover the Wisdom of your own Soul! You'll find beautiful self-reflection prompts inside each module to reflect on at your own pace - to help you uncover deeper truths, awaken your inner Wisdom, reflect on your progress and come to new awarenesses. You can use these to keep track of your progress, and look back on how far you've come!

Live Recordings

All our Lives from inside the group are recorded and added into the online portal, in their respective modules. So you never miss out! Our Lives are packed full of activations, wisdom-dropping and are always a beautiful supportive space for everyone - even in the replay. Any Live Recordings that do not correspond to a specific module will be added into a separate module which will be available for you to dive into.

Specifically attuned, channeled & designed to amplify the unique purpose of each phase of the journey.

About Your Guide


Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!

Write your awesome label here.

Reiki Master | Light Language Channel | Soul Retrieval Practitioner | Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner | Spiritual & Life Mentor | Oracle Card Reader | Cosmic & Intuitive Channel | Nature & Animal Lover | Newbie Music Creator | Writer | Fairy!

What lights me up is perceiving the divine in the mundane, expressing my authentic Art, Heart & Soul & rediscovering myself every day. I'm at my best when I'm creating something unique, exploring new things, being in nature, serving as a vessel for light & healing, lit up with passion & creativity, in loving communities, moving in flow, dancing at festivals, playing with crystals and allowing my Soul to shine. 

My biggest struggle in this lifetime has been with self-belief. Namely: sharing my voice, seeing my worth and embracing my true self has been a whole journey for me... yet I've always known deep down I was capable of more than my limitations led me to think. I feel that lack of self-belief is a common illusion that MOST humans suffer from, sometimes their whole life. I find this so sad & unnecessary, when we are each beautifully unique, capable & intelligent beings! So... I love supporting beautiful humans just like me & you to believe in ourselves. To embrace our unique magic and expand our belief of what's possible for us as individuals, as Souls & as a human collective ~ to the infinite.

I'm here to serve as a reminder & activist for our Joy & Divinity.

I specialise in guiding & supporting you to...
  • Connect to the Divine within You,
  • Reclaim your Joy & Abundance Frequency,
  • Remember your Worth & embody Self-Love,
  • Connect with your Inner Child & live playfully!
  • Heal deep wounds with compassion & pure love.
  • Live more freely, guided by your Soul.
  • Connect with the Authenticity of who YOU are.
  • Discover your Passions & follow your Purpose.

Most importantly, I'm here for you.

I love you, I see you, I believe in you.
Let's Evolve!

I'm Here To Support You!
You're Not Alone In Your Evolution.

Client Love

'The ability to hold loving space and to really see a person is a rarity'

I love how you genuinely show up to support me!

Many healers, starseed, mystic whatever ya wanna call it have a real talent for working with energy and channeling... but to have the ability to hold space so loving, supportive and really seeing a person is a rarity.

'A system to use for the rest of your life!'

This is 100% filled with healing energy - Sophie clearly pours her Heart and Soul into sharing her incredible Gifts in this Program.

I honestly believe this is a system you will continue to use for the rest of your life - Yes, it's that good!

'Would highly recommend!'

Sophie's healing abilities were astonishing! You can really feel the energy and passion she brings to each session.

I left my reiki session with a clear mind after uncovering some old childhood wounds.

Would highly recommend Sophie and what she has to offer!

''Felt in my heart it was for me''

I could resonate with the programme, felt in my heart it was for me.

I feel like my body released some emotions that no longer serve me. Raised my vibration. I felt lighter, more relaxed and definitely more grounded.

Embody Your Soul's Magic,
Light & Potential.


Feeling free, joyful + aligned

With confidence in yourself, your Soul + your abilities.
Loving + accepting yourself more than ever before!
Knowing you are on the right path, with clear inner guidance on your direction,
Guided by gratitude + grace, to create your most aligned life,
With clarity on who you are and your purpose here on this earth.
You are self-sustaining with tools to support your own evolution + healing.
You are grounded, centred + in tune with both the spiritual + physical in life.
You are devoted to your spiritual path + expanding on your purpose.
Making progress on your goals + dreams is fun + fulfilling.
You overcome challenges with grace,
Because you have the ability to self-heal + all confidence you need to succeed, within.
You live more in "flow"
And life feels magical,
 Because you are aligned with your Soul.
You align yourself to higher quality relationships, jobs and environments,
By recognising your right to Love and Happiness.
So everything in your reality shifts to reflect your inner Worth.
You attune to your Divine Self,
So you are able to surrender more + live in deep trust and faith.
Success, magic + miracles appear for you.
Deep healing + resolution for the past causes major transformations in you.
Resentment, unworthiness and shame are replaced with deep Wisdom, Love, Compassion + Self-Worth,
So that your natural state becomes the continual embodiment of Love and expansion of the Heart.
You radiate joy for the now + readiness for the future.
You Are Ready.

Self-Healing, Self-Belief + Self-Mastery,
In Communion With Your Soul

Welcome to...


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The energy & intention behind 'EVOLVE'

Directly from Sophie, the creator & channel for this magical program!

Empower yourself & transform your life, by taking your evolution into your own hands...

Receive support, clarity & guidance as you travel your spiritual path.

Your next phase, begins now!

Anchoring in Universal Light & Cosmic Awareness, Into the Everyday

Evolve with Grace
Master Your Evolution

This journey we called 'life' can feel so hard at times! Especially when we perceive ourselves as helpless to our circumstances. This course will support you to take your Evolution into your hands, to nurture & guide yourself, even through the difficult times. You'll be provided with tools to take with you so you can recognise your power to create, and evolve with more joy, grace and ease - for the rest of your life.

Live Playfully
Find the Joy Within You!

Life can feel sad and confusing, when we disconnect from our Joy and forget who we are. Remember that your joy doesn't come from the things outside of you- it comes from within. And it is always there.
EVOLVE can help you to embrace the JOY of your Soul and remember the playfulness of your Inner Child! To PLAY with life, and make Joy a consistent part of how you feel and experience your life.

Whole-Self Integration 
Reconcile Your Shadow

When we are consistently feeling disconnected, ashamed or unhappy in our life, it's because we have fragments of the Self that are existing out of harmony - parts of ourselves we are avoiding or rejecting. This program can help you resolve past pains, accept your shadow (we all have one), and integrate these aspects with love - so you can find deeper compassion for yourself, remember you are unconditionally worthy and feel the wholeness that comes from reconciling with the 'lost' parts of your Soul.

Embody Your Soul
Live Your Purpose

Life is only unfulfilling when we're out of alignment with our Soul. By letting go of limitation and unworthiness, and embracing the true you who is free and worthy - you can finally be who you came here to be! This program guides you to reconnect with who you are, remember Your Unique Magic and follow your Soul's Guidance to live your Purpose. By embodying your Soul you can: express your passions, positively impact the world and live with greater joy, love & authentic alignment!

Tangible Practices to Navigate Your Spiritual Path & Embody Your Soul Authentically

Inside EVOLVE, I Guide You To...

Be Your Own Healer and Nurture Yourself!


Self-Healing & Self-Mastery Processes to apply in your life.


Release limiting blocks that have stopped you from living a Soul-fulfilled life!


Playfully reconnect with your Inner Child- for healing and joy! 


How to EMBRACE and integrate your 'Shadow Self.'


Move PAST your barriers and into SOUL-ALIGNMENT.



Integrate HIGHER STATES OF BEING into your physical self & daily way of living.




Understand yourself and Life, from your Soul's perspective.


Reconnect with your Higher Self and The Universe & play with energy!


Become further embodied as your Soul on Earth.




Activations for Authentic Living,
Grounded Evolution & Self-Actualisation

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Inspiration for your Earth Journey


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Course Content

Your Soul Is Calling...

Will You Answer?


Cosmically Encoded

Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!
Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Conduit for Divine Healing
Sophie works with the magical & cosmic realms, channeling light codes, spoken word & intuitive guidance for her clients. Sophie’s passion is to guide you to deeper self-understanding, self-belief, to remember your Magic and BE your SOUL!

She brings the essence of joy & an aura of love with her into every session & offering, encouraging you to playfully reconnect with your heart & your inner child. Sophie is here on Earth to support, guide and uplift~ through her energetic and spiritual work :)
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