Work 1:1 With Sophie

Working with the Magical and Cosmic Realms, Sophie provides loving space for you to Awaken, Heal and Evolve!

Connected with the Ancient and the Cosmic, Sophie is a divine channel & guide for your own empowerment. She’s the one to go to when you want to believe in magic again, remember your inner freedom and feel your Soul's deep Love for you.

It's time to harness the Joy of being alive on earth and embrace the freedom of being YOU

Sophie supports you to activate the ancient wisdom within in order to discover your Soul and activate your higher purpose on this earth.

Through Spiritual Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Channeling and Energy Work, Sophie helps you dissolve limitations and break down challenges into small achievable steps to transform your life and make your dreams ~ a reality.

If you want to create positive change in your life, reach your potential & live your higher purpose - Sophie will help you enhance your self-esteem, embrace your life with courage, discover your soul's wisdom and unveil your true purpose - so you can remember, awaken and evolve into the soul-fulfilling life you are destined for. 


What my clients are saying

I love how you genuinely show up to support me! Many healers, starseed, mystic whatever ya wanna call it have a real talent for working with energy and channelling but to have the ability to hold space so loving, supportive and really seeing a person is a rarity.
Sophie's healing abilities were astonishing! You can really feel the energy and passion she brings to each session. I left my reiki session with a clear mind after uncovering some old childhood wounds. Would highly recommend Sophie and what she has to offer!
"This is 100% filled with Healing Energy -
Sophie clearly pours her Heart and Soul into sharing her incredible Gifts in this Program and I honestly believe this is a system that you will continue to use for the rest of your life - Yes, it's that good!"


Alchemise emotional blocks and harness the energy of your Soul to propel you into new potentials.

Oftentimes our attachments to our past can be what's holding us back from moving forward on our goals and dreams. When we start to see life as a continual journey of evolution and learning, we can find more peace, clarity and contentment for our past - which actually motivates and nurtures our next steps forward. We start to see how our past has actually equipped us for our future.

This session supports you to re-visit old memories that have been lingering in the back of your consciousness to find resolution, wisdom & empowerment. You will be pleasantly surprised at what we discover!

1.5 Hour Session guiding you into the depths of your subconscious for healing and expansion.

So you can move forward with deeper self-love, renewed confidence & greater clarity on your path.


Tap into Higher Frequencies, Shed What is Ready to Be Released.

Energy is everything. And everything is energy. Did you know that just as you have a physical body, you also have an energy body? When the energy body becomes blocked or distorted - this creates disharmony in your mind, body and your life. This limits who you see yourself to be, the wellbeing of your physical body and the results you see in your life. 

When our energy is flowing and clear: we have a clear mind, good health and a clear pathway forward toward our goals and dreams.
 In this session, your energy will uplift and expand. Energetic blocks will be released, along with subconscious beliefs and patterns that were limiting your self-perception and thus your potential. 

30 Minute Call where Sophie will bring through Light Language, Reiki + other energetic codes specifically channeled for you.

Relax and receive this divinely channeled vibrational attunement, knowing you are receiving activations and healing for your highest good.


Work with Sophie more deeply, over a period of time, inside a transformative portal

This is an opportunity to receive Spiritual Coaching, Activations and Mentorship on a 1:1 and/or group basis with Sophie. We will go a bit deeper to help you envision your dream life, discover your unique soul gifts and step into your purpose ~ as we systematically break things down into smaller achievable steps so you can actualise your goals & dreams.

Sophie specialises in guiding and supporting you to open your heart, take achievable action and unlock your soul's potential with love.

Over a period of time, with longer term commitment on your part - your transformation & evolution can be more deeply nurtured. You will be supported to identify, embody and maintain your authentic soul, purpose and life vision as you move into the next phase of you.

Sophie's Expertise

Sophie has been exploring the spiritual world for almost a decade. Over this time, she has deeply explored her own inner work, learned from masters & guides, and placed herself in environments that have enhanced her Spiritual Evolution.

For a time, Sophie worked & lived in a Yoga Ashram, where she studied Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Mindfulness and learned about the art of Devotional Service & Purpose. She has invested much of her time, money & energy into studying courses in Energy Work, Channeling, Yoga, Meditation, Manifestation and more - to hone her knowledge and skills in this work. 

For the past 5 years, Sophie has dedicated her time & efforts directly into her purpose work. She has channeled her skills, knowledge & Soul's wisdom into transformative online courses & activations for you to receive, as well as nurturing her Youtube channel & Social Media accounts with love, providing high value free content. She has worked with 1:1 clients,  offered workshops & healing at festivals around Australia and has now begun running her online group program 'Evolve'.

Some of Sophie's Skills & Qualifications:

Reiki Master Level III

Light Language & Channeling

Mindfulness, Guided Meditation & Pranayama

ThetaHealing Basic, Advanced & Intuitive Anatomy

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Soul Retrieval Practitioner

Bachelor of Arts at USYD. Philosophy Major, with studies in Psychology

... and she continues to learn & explore new things as she is guided.

Sophie has also gained many skills and much wisdom through her own personal life experiences. This is where she draws a lot of her teachings from, as she receives the most when she applies what she is taught, experiments in her own way and learns from her own experience. Sophie's connection to her Soul & Inner Guidance is what has guided her, brought her the most fulfilment, and taught her the most about Life. She hopes to inspire, guide & support you to do the same.

You can receive expert Activations, Mentorship, Healing and Guidance within Sophie's transformational programs and sessions...

Sophie's Client-Focused Approach

Sophie receives very positive, thankful feedback from her clients because of her client-focused approach. Here are some of the things they've said about her!...

After a 1:1 healing session with Sophie, Caroline said...

'I was able to bring more light into my life and the lives of 
others! I felt a deeper connection to my student as I was
teaching after the session. I also felt deeper connection to my family because of the ancestral healing. It really strengthened my sense of connection to a part of myself that I had rejected. I felt so free, loving and connected to my own self supporting energy. It really shifted my perspective on certain powerful aspects of myself, for example, my more passionate or angry side.'
After a coaching session with Sophie, Sahra said...

'Sophie is fantastic. Supportive, positive strong, a firm guide, with empathy and kindness, non judgmental 
and free spirited. I am really grateful for this experience and sense of freedom.'

From Sophie

When working with you as a client, I am solely focused on you and your transformation. My true intention is for you to receive what is for your highest good from your time with me. To be honest, I have had lots of practice in this work, even outside of being a trained healer. In my everyday life, I tend to be a listener and I love to help guide my friends and family to a solution that supports them. I am living my role as a guide & supporter every day of my life - because it's a big part of who I am.

That's why usually in my sessions, you will feel a deep sense of trust, love and calmness. I am just being who I am, and genuinely holding your best interests at heart. I hold space for you to be heard and for your transformations to unfold. Because I believe in you and your power to evolve, heal and create positive change in your life.

Book With Sophie ♡

Light Activation Call 30 min $111

Tap into Higher Frequencies, Shed what is Ready. Can include light language, reiki, guidance + other energetic codes specifically channeled for you and your highest good at this time. 

Soul Alchemy Session 90 min $333

Alchemise emotional blocks and harness the energy of your Soul to propel you into new potentials. Healing, expansion & resolution to move forward with renewed confidence & greater clarity on your path.

A Cosmic Portal Awaits You...

Work with Sophie for 3 weeks to 9 months inside a transformative portal: Align, Evolve or Ascend.

Be deeply supported as you transform from the inside, out.

Soul Connection Call
$55 FREE

Considering signing up for Align, Evolve or Ascend? This call is here to give you clarity. Connect with Sophie Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, to discover whether  one of her longer-term programs is right for you.

Cosmically Encoded

Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!
Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Conduit for Divine Healing
Sophie works with the magical & cosmic realms, channeling light codes, spoken word & intuitive guidance for her clients. Sophie’s passion is to guide you to deeper self-understanding, self-belief, to remember your Magic and BE your SOUL!

She brings the essence of joy & an aura of love with her into every session & offering, encouraging you to playfully reconnect with your heart & your inner child. Sophie is here on Earth to support, guide and uplift~ through her energetic and spiritual work :)
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