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Believe in Your Infinite Potential.

Ready to actualise your Soul's Potential?

Welcome to your magical journey of Self Discovery & Soul Actualisation.
Cosmically Encoded

Your Soul is a Unique Masterpiece

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You're not here to be like everyone else.

In fact, that's impossible. You're not like anyone else. And no-one else is exactly like you.

You're not here to live by another person's rules or expectations.

In actuality, you're here to create your own rules, your own way of life that reflects your unique Soul, makes you happy and benefits the world.

To do so, you need to first get to know yourself, get to know your Soul, & be brave enough to follow your Soul's callings to pave your own path.

You're here to be the fullness of who YOU are.

No one else can do this for you. Only you can choose to tap into the truth within you, to see yourself as whole & worthy of expressing yourself authentically and to discover & share the gifts you uniquely bring to this world...

which only you can.

Cosmically Encoded

Your Life is a Unique Expression of You

Your Life is meant to be as unique as you are.

If your Soul is the blueprint to your true self, your Life is the reflection, creative expression &
tangible manifestation of your Soul.

You're here to create the life your Soul dreams of...

Your Soul has a dream for you.

A vision for your life...

Where you are confident & self-assured in who you are, expressing your authentic self & proud to shine your soul's gifts,

Where your life reflects your unique self and brings you happiness, love & fun,

Where you are secure & supported, knowing you are divinely guided and materially taken care of,

Where you are truly fulfilled & deeply satisfied, because you know how to use your Soul's gifts to positively contribute to the world & live your Purpose.

Your Soul's Vision for your life, is a unique expression of you.

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You're worthy of the life your Soul dreams of...

Receive High Frequency Light & Evolutionary Codes to awaken your self-belief, activate your higher potentials & remember your cosmic self

So you can create the life you love, aligned with your Soul

You can start here!

Dip your toes in.

Divine Spark of the Cosmos! ♡

We greet you with happiness in our hearts & all the Love of the Universe.

✧ It is divinely aligned that you are here with us today ✧
We see you, we feel you, we know you!

Thank you for your presence on Earth.
We respect and honour your divine journey. 
We are grateful for your soul's unique presence.

Divine One ♡
It is time to align with the stars,
to feel and BE your infinite potential!
infinity awaits you! ☁️

What people are saying

I could resonate with the programme, felt in my heart that it was for me. I feel like my body released some emotions that no longer serve me. Raise my vibration. I felt lighter, more relaxed and definitely more grounded."
The results of this cleanse program were epic for me. I didn't realize how much mental and emotional feelings needed to be worked on. Some memories from my childhood came up and cleanse helped me to work through them and let them go. A huge weight was lifted from my heart and mind. I am sincerely blown away!
"Very good value for money, more content than I thought."

Recalibrate to Your Soul

Activate Self-Belief, Propel Your Purpose & Actualise Your Dreams.

Get access to MOST of our activations, for a fraction of the price.

Motivational Music Piece

Inspiration for your Earth Journey

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Join Us.

* Become the vessel for your Soul to Actively express your Purpose in this world.

* Confidently Claim your Unique Magic & feel worthy to express the Beautiful Gifts that you are here to Share.

* Embrace the beauty of life with the courage to step faithfully along the unique path of your Soul.

* Release the binds of 3D thinking, and step gracefully into a higher dimensional reality… where your dreams are possible!

* With magical activations, loving support, and grounded steps forward.

Are You Ready?!

Cosmically Encoded

Your Guide

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Meet Sophie, the creator & channel for Cosmically Encoded. 
A little about the intention & energy of this transformational space.
If you love Sophie's vibe and feel a strong calling to connect with her, you can work with her more closely inside a personalised 1:1 Session or inside her Healing + Mentorship program (EVOLVE).

We're on this journey together.

Did you know that you don't have to do it all alone? In fact, seeking out & receiving high value support - especially from someone who has the right expertise - can catalyse the biggest shifts in your life!

Here's what some of my clients have said...


Client Love...

Sophie's healing abilities were astonishing! You can really feel the energy and passion she brings to each session. I left my reiki session with a clear mind after uncovering some old childhood wounds. Would highly recommend Sophie and what she has to offer!
I love how you genuinely show up to support me! Many healers, starseed, mystic whatever ya wanna call it have a real talent for working with energy and channelling but to have the ability to hold space so loving, supportive and really seeing a person is a rarity.
Sophie is so generous with her time and so supportive as a quide to your own empowerment. The ability to talk to Sophie one on one has helped tailor my learning experience and I really appreciate that. She has encouraged me to take small steps - this has been (surprisingly) so empowering.

Ready to go deeper on your path?

Your journey is as unique as you are. That's why, when you're really committing to your path, getting tailored support is essential!

Receive personalised guidance along your journey of Evolution & Soul Actualisation.

Coming Soon | New Releases

Message ♡

Whatever you are seeking...
We are here to provide you with the
✧ support, guidance and encouragement ✧ to find it.
Cosmically Encoded is here to provide you with resources to assist your journey, and...

We offer the Joyful Reminder that 
all the tools you will ever need are to be be found
✧ within you. ✧

With Love ♡
infinity awaits you! ☁️
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Cosmically Encoded

Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!
Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Conduit for Divine Healing
Sophie works with the magical & cosmic realms, channeling light codes, spoken word & intuitive guidance for her clients. Sophie’s passion is to guide you to deeper self-understanding, self-belief, to remember your Magic and BE your SOUL!

She brings the essence of joy & an aura of love with her into every session & offering, encouraging you to playfully reconnect with your heart & your inner child. Sophie is here on Earth to support, guide and uplift~ through her energetic and spiritual work :)
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