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Activation of Uluru 
With Smacka Whyman

Mulka Thurrru - Spirit of the Mulga Snake

Smacka Whyman, original man of Australia, shares information on the Activation of Uluru & the prophesied "New Dreaming" that is coming on this planet.



Uncle Smacka



What you are going to learn

Activation of Uluru
With Smacka Whyman

Smacka (Mulka Thurrru) is a Barkindji man born in Wilcannia. He grew up with the original ways of the land.

In 2020, with the Activation of Uluru, Smacka was re-awakened to his connection to Country. His mission began.

The New Dreaming is the new way of living in connection to the Land, prophesied by the Elders of Australia. Smacka shares the message and information about this inside this course.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Activation of Uluru - what happened in 2020 and what it means for the shift in earth's energy.
  • The Prophecy - what did the original Australian elders prophesise about this day & age?
  • The Star People - who are they, what's our connection to them & how do they fit into Earth's history?
  • Ascending Your Energy.
  • How to prepare for the New Dreaming?
  • Full Length Talk with Smacka - recorded at LoveFest 2023
  • On Country visiting sacred sites with an archaeologist! (vlog)
  • Bonus Resources & Links - deepen your research & understanding.

ascend your energy

Join us in The New Dreaming

Smacka Whyman

Mulka Thurrru - Spirit of the Mulga Snake
Barkindji man born in Wilcannia. Since the activation of Uluru in 2020, Smacka has been on a mission to share the message and information from the elders, about the New Dreaming that is coming. Working with the native plants of his country, Smacka shares the knowledge and medicine of the land and teaches how to connect with and respect the land we walk on.

We Love Smacka!

"Smacka has deep understanding and connection to Country. He is always willing to take the time to teach & share, and people love to learn from him! I'm thankful for his dedication to the vision of love on this Earth."
Cosmic Guide
"Uncle Smacka is a man from my tribe. He is teaching me a lot about connection to my land and culture and I can't thank him enough for helping me connect back to my roots. It's been a blessing."
Chris Aura
Soul Activator
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Activation of Uluru

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