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Evolving Soul

4 Day Live Activation REPLAY
Master Your Evolution, Live Joyfully, Feel Wholeness, Embody Your Soul & Live Your Purpose!

This series was originally run for free on my Instagram page. Now I've created this comprehensive online course using the Live Replays.

You can still find the Live Replays on my Instagram for free, if you need!
 However, this course brings everything together in one place, with added self-reflection prompts to support your integration of the energies & wisdom.

I have priced it at only $7.77, as a small symbol of your dedication to this course and your commitment to your Soul. :)




7.5 Hours


4 Activation Replays


2 Bonus Replays


6 x Self-Reflection Prompts



Evolving Soul,

This earth journey can be tough! 

Life can feel challenging.

Navigating the spiritual path can seem confusing.

Especially when we don’t have clarity, guidance or support to help us navigate this life. 


You are a Magical Being, 
You are a Cosmic Creation,
You are an Evolving Soul.

You are the Empowered Creator of your Life;
This Magical Life you are living on a mystical floating globe called Earth.

It's time to wake up to the Magic of this Life, & Remember who you are.

What's it all about

Evolving Soul

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This Activation Series is intended to bring through wisdom, high frequencies & fresh perspectives around what it means to be an evolving soul & human on the spiritual journey. 

You'll Gain...

💫Clarity around your life journey with tips to lead a joyful life.
💫Deepen your understanding of living as an evolving soul on earth.
💫Higher wisdom & perspectives to help guide your human path.

So You Can...
✨enhance your confidence & build your self belief,

✨navigate life in ways that bring you greater joy, harmony & fulfilment,
✨be inspired to move forward in your life courageously & joyfully. 

This will be a loving, uplifting space for us all to come together, receive wisdom, activate the light within us & connect more deeply with our own authentic self & soul. 

Join Us?!

What Exactly Do We Explore?

What's Included...

✨(Bonus) Prep Day: Energetic Preparation

Day 1: Evolve Gracefully | Master Your Evolution

Day 2: Live Playfully | Find the Joy Within

Day 3: Feel Wholeness | Integrate Your Shadow

Day 4: Embody Your Soul | Live Your Purpose

Bonus Replay: What New Positive Changes Are Coming For You?

 You'll be guided on a heart-felt journey through these 4 days to... 

✨connect with your Inner Guidance, 
✨find the magic in life & see YOUR magic a little more clearly,
✨step beyond your limits to overcome challenges in your life
✨step into your Light, tune in with your Purpose & tap into your Potential.

I invite you to join us!
Join Now

Evolving Soul

4 Day Live Activation REPLAY
Master Your Evolution, Live Joyfully, Feel Wholeness, Embody Your Soul & Live Your Purpose!


Cosmically Encoded

Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!
Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Conduit for Divine Healing
Sophie works with the magical & cosmic realms, channeling light codes, spoken word & intuitive guidance for her clients. Sophie’s passion is to guide you to deeper self-understanding, self-belief, to remember your Magic and believe in your Soul!

She brings the essence of joy & an aura of love with her into every session & offering, encouraging you to playfully reconnect with your heart & your inner child. Sophie is here on Earth to support, guide and uplift~ through her energetic and spiritual work :)
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