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Activate Your Potential. Remember Your Magic.

Video + Audio Series


22 Light Code Activations


Chakra Activation Meditation


Light Language + Affirmations


2 weeks
2.3 Hours



What you are going to Receive


The ACTIVATE program attunes you to higher frequencies, and activates these frequencies within you! 

Attuning you to the cosmic aspects of You.

You will receive altogether 22 energy sessions and transmissions: Light Language, Affirmations + a Guided Meditation.

Activating & Reminding you of the infinite, cosmic, divine frequencies & codes within.

It is recommended that you utilise these activations regularly (particularly the audios + guided meditation), to continuously encode & solidify these frequencies within your field of awareness & amplify the effects for you.
This can result in...

      • Feeling vibrationally lighter, brighter, freer, more joyful & abundance in your life, as these frequencies have been activated and you have been reminded of their presence within you.

      • Receiving inspiration & divine guidance, as you are attuned to higher frequencies and open to receiving them.

      • Remembering cosmic places, past lives or other magical realms you have lived in.

      • Activation of your Soul Gifts, as you have energetically opened & activated the pathways for them to flow through.

      • Remembrance of who you are as a Cosmic Being, as you've been consciously reminded and energetically activated to this knowing.

      • Increased confidence and purpose in your life, as you're attuning more to your Soul Frequency.

      • Increased motivation & energy to act on your inspirations and to play and have fun in life, as you've re-activated the Joy and Magic within.

      • and more! Your experience will be personal to you.*

      *results will be different for each person. This page offers examples of what past participants have experienced, and what may occur - however these specific results can't be guaranteed, as each individual's experience will be personal to them. Cosmically Encoded Co. and any of our products/services are not a substitute for medical, mental health or any other professional advice or assistance. Do not use in place of these.

      Client Testimonials

      "I could resonate with the programme, felt in my heart that it was for me. I feel like my body released some emotions that no longer serve me. Raise my vibration. I felt lighter, more relaxed and definitely more grounded."
      Activate Participant
      Very good value for money, more content than I thought.
      Activate Participant
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      Activate Your Potential. Remember Your Magic.

      Cosmically Encoded

      Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!
      Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Conduit for Divine Healing
      Sophie works with the magical & cosmic realms, channeling light codes, spoken word & intuitive guidance for her clients. Sophie’s passion is to guide you to deeper self-understanding, self-belief, to remember your Magic and BE your SOUL!
      She brings the essence of joy & an aura of love with her into every session & offering, encouraging you to playfully reconnect with your heart & your inner child. Sophie is here on Earth to support, guide and uplift~ through her energetic and spiritual work :)
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