Gratitude: Open the Flow of Abundance!

Your Heart Chakra's Electro-Magnetic Field

The Heart Chakra radiates the strongest energy out of any part of your body! Your Heart Chakra's energetic field is even stronger than the brain's! You can actually scientifically measure the heart's electro-magnetic field.

That being said, when we focus on our heart-centre, in love or gratitude, we are sending out POWERFUL energetic signals into the world around us.

As we know, what we put out into the world is what we will receive back!
When we emit powerful, heart-centred energies- we are attracting to us more of this energy~ in the form of people, places, situations and opportunities!

For example, when we are in an open-hearted, loving, grateful state- people will FEEL this, be open to us, and want to connect with us! This can lead to greater opportunities in career, friendship, purpose or connections, through people wanting to connect or desiring to learn or hear from you!

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Gratitude = The Feeling of "Already Having Enough"

Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies in the Universe and also one of the most powerful energies for ✨MANIFESTATION✨.

When you tap into the energy of GRATITUDE, you are essentially telling yourself (your subconscious mind) and the Universe / world around you that you already have and are enough!

This brings a sense of joy, peace, and ease into your life - allowing you to flow through your daily existence with much more ease and grace, and less feelings of stress, lack or fear.

Why would you stress or feel fear if you already felt content, grateful and fulfilled with your life right now!?!?

From this space of gratitude, you don't actually NEED anything!
Paradoxically, it is from this space that abundance can flow to us more freely.

Lack, fear, stress and any other limiting emotions or thought-patterns- are exactly what can block us from the flow of abundance! You can see this both energetically (manifestation / attraction-wise) and tangibly -

For example: if you are in fear, even if someone is offering you a big sum of money or a potential patner is offering you unconditional love, you may reject or block it out of fear, guilt, shame, pride, etc.! You may not allow yourself to receive blessings such as these, when you are in a state of fear or lack- EVEN IF the blessings are there. 

Oftentimes we can't even SEE the blessings that are being offered to us daily ~ when we are in a lower vibrational state (fear, lack, shame, guilt, the list goes on...). Essentially, these feelings and ways of thinking pull a blindfold over our eyes, preventing us from seeing ourselves or the situation clearly.

It's no wonder that, from this space, we often feel we are lacking or feel as though we never receive enough from life!
...How can we receive the blessings or grasp the opportunities if we can't even clearly SEE them?!

This is why consciously tuning into the energy of Gratitude allows us to open our eyes and hearts again! To see and feel the beauty and blessings all around us ALREADY. In turn, we are now open & receptive to any future blessings and opportunities that come our way! 

Keeping ourselves in a consistent state of Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to create and experience the flow of abundance in our lives! 
Internally (spiritual, emotional & mental wellbeing) AND externally (Physical and material abundance).

I've created a short Gratitude Exercise below for you, to expand your heart and bring you into this space of Gratitude

Gratitude Exercise


Connect to your heart

In this day and age, we're often not taught to be connected to our hearts, so we need to make a connection before we can begin expanding into Gratitude!

When we first connect after a long time of disconnection, our hearts may initially feel hurt, sad or abandoned in some way ~ by situations in the past, and even from the way we treat our hearts / ourselves. Don't be disheartened if you feel something heavy or dense when you first try connecting to you heart - this is perfectly normal and just means connecting with your heart will be even more beneficial for you! :) 

This first step is important in fostering our heart-connection, so that we can then grow and expand our hearts in more positive and loving ways. 

Hold your hands over your heart space and take some deep breaths into your heart.

Feel whatever is there in your heart in this moment. Intentionally send your heart some unconditional love & acceptance.

You can use any of the following words and/or simply connect and send love with your intention, feelings or visualisation.

"I love you heart"
"Thank you, heart"
"I see you, I feel you!"
"I acknowledge everything you're feeling."
"I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you." (Ho'oponopono)

Visualise your love moving into your heart.
See your heart expanding and swirling, taking in and amplifying this loving energy.
Feel your heart soaking in and receiving your loving attention & acceptance.

This is a beautiful healing practice, which allows you to simultaneously connect with your heart in love/gratitude, and allow your heart to heal from any past pains it may be holding onto.

If there are past pains coming up for you through this practice: to the best of your ability, let yourself feel everything your heart feels~ fully! Send it love and gratitude, acknowledge it and allow it to be. This is how to heal! You will feel amazing and renewed after filling these spaces of your heart with your love and acceptance, rather than suppressing, avoiding or blocking them (as we are often taught and expected to do, in society).

If your heart has a lot to heal, feel or show you (in the form of emotions, and sometimes memories or thoughts), you can stay in Step 1 for as long as you like! Maybe Step 1 is your whole practice for today! (or the next week, or longer!)
Remember, the more connected we are to our heart, the deeper we can go into Gratitude, and this step is all about acknowledging and thanking our hearts (which is a form of practicing Gratitude anyway). You are in no way missing out on anything by remaining at this step, if that's what you most need!

Step 1 is basically practicing a form of self-gratitude (often the most needed and most beneficial, for a lot of us!)

When you're ready, you can move to Step 2.
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Acknowledge all the Blessings!

Now that you're nice and connected to your heart~

Take 3 more deep breaths (keeping your eyes closed) and allow your focus to extend outward now, to focus on your daily life.

Ask yourself: "What are 3 things I'm grateful for right now?"

Allow yourself to receive the first 3 things (or more!) that pop into your head.

Take a few moments to linger in appreciation for each of these things that you are grateful for.

You can name all the things you enjoy about these things, or simply see them in your mind, feel your gratitude for them and smile!

They can be big or small! From your morning cup of coffee, to your family & children, to having financial security through your job, to the beautiful park nearby your house!

(I always like giving thanks for my breath, as it is something that is always with us, allows us to be centred, connects us to spirit and literally gives us life!)

You can say any of the following, or simply visualise or feel your gratitude for all of life's blessings.

"Thank you for these blessings."
"I'm so grateful for ___."
"I'm so grateful for all the blessings in my life!"
"I'm so blessed to have all of these gifts."

If Step 2 feels absolutely amazing to you OR if you need some extra practice being grateful for the things in your life (which to be honest, most of us do as we're not taught this in school!) - then you can stay here in Step 2 for as long as you like, before moving onto Step 3.

Step 1 and/or 2 can be your daily practice all on their own. You will receive immense benefits when you go deep into the practice and are consistent with it!

You can continue asking yourself: "What are 3 more things that I'm grateful for in my life?"

Or move onto Step 3!


Send Gratitude into the World

Now it's time to amplify your heart's Gratitude and send this energy out into the world and Universe around you!

Take another 3 deep breaths, keeping your eyes closed.

Now, with each following out-breath visualise, feel or intend you heart's energy expanding and growing in a sphere all around you!

Continue breathing in - Gratitude for all your blessings
Breathing out - Expanding your heart's love and gratitude into the world around you.

You can continue expanding your heart as wide and far as you'd like to!

You can bring to mind family, friends, groups, your community, city, your country, the whole world into your heart-bubble of Gratitude!

You can even expand your heart-bubble out into the milky way, to other galaxies, to the entire Universe! 
Filling everything and everywhere with your purest unconditional love and gratitude.

Or, you may simply like to visualise your heart-bubble expanding, without thinking of specific people or places!

Just know that when your heart expands in Gratitude and Love, you DO have a positive imprint on the world, which ripples out eternally into the Universe :)

Thank You!

for reading & for taking part in this gratitude practice with me :)

I hope you can feel your heart expanded, and that you feel magical and filled with joy after practicing any of these steps in your daily practice! :)

You are making a positive impact on the world by first making a positive impact on yourself, internally!

Many blessings and much Gratitude to YOU.
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