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1. My Personal Journey With The Number 4
2. The Number 4 In Numerology
3. Possible Shadow Traits of the Number 4

My Personal Journey With the Number 4

My Personal Journey with The Number 4

4 has really been the ‘code’ for me recently.

Stability, grounded-ness, organisation, structure, self-reliance, self-confidence.

Being someone who relates moreso to number like 9 & 5 (shows up lots on my numerology chart)— this is a change for me!

9 (my life path & name number) is a number of constant evolution, understanding, acceptance & letting go.

5 (my birth day, 23, becomes a 5) is the number of freedom, change, variety & adaptability!

So I’ve almost become comfortable in these frequencies, as they feel so resonant & part of my being.

4, on the other hand, is the number that LEAST shows up in my numerology report. 

I think the only place it shows up is as a ‘karmic’ number, one which my chart lacks & which I may need to put focused intention into, to learn & embody further…

This has shown up as quite true in my life!

I’ve had difficulties with being organised, accountable for myself, consistently productive, being grounded & stable in myself, and finding consistency in many aspects of my life !

(It’s still a journey I’m experiencing now!)

To me, consistency always felt boring.

When things became too mundane, I would fall into somewhat of a depressed, unhappy & dissatisfied state and fall into negative habits & mental patterns.

While I do LOVE change, freedom, new things, adventures, and possibilities (and these will always be a big part of me & my focus in life)—

I can see that some more grounded, stable energy would be great for me to incorporate into my life.

On top of this, I’ve realised that having some structure & consistency can actually INCREASE your freedom in life! 

It actually can open up MORE options & potentials for you, which is what I often crave most!

Think about it, if you’re constantly lacking a grounded approach or constantly inconsistent— then it may make it more difficult for you to actualise the things you really want!

If you’re half invested into a creative project, or inconsistent with where you direct your focus (for example, constantly shifting from one thing to another, without completing anything)…

…Then of course, things won’t (may not) actualise in the ways that you want!! 

It can be more difficult to accomplish or succeed in something, if you’re constantly changing your direction & focus.

This has shown up in my life in so many ways!

So I’m grateful to the energy of 4 for becoming more present in my life recently.

I’m also grateful to myself to taking up the opportunity to take on this energy in a deeper way.

And im ready & excited to see where this journey with the energy of “4” takes me! 🤩

What numbers are present in your numerology!? 

Do you know your Life Path Number?? 

Let me know in the comments!! I’m interested to hear about you too 🥰

Below I’ve included my own interpretation, with the help of online sources, of the Numerology of Number 4! 

Let me know if it resonates with you!


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The Number 4 in Numerology

— ‘masculine’ energy

— stable, sturdy, steadfast

— grounded & practical

— realistic, responsible & reliable

— committed & consistent

— confident, stable sense of self

— great with structures, can easily follow systems 

— probably good with saving & investing money responsibly 

— two feet on the ground, grounded perspective of life & self (not ‘airy fairy’ or ‘head-in-the-clouds’)

~Beautiful energy✨✨ though I didn’t resonate with it at all for a long time!~

Possible Shadow Sides (Opportunities for Awareness) of the Number 4

— inability or unwillingness to change

— difficulty being open to new things

— stuck in comfort zone, slow to move or change 

— closed minded to different perspectives 

— head stuck in the mud, stuck in the known, not open to new potentials or ways of doing things 

— maybe stingy with money 🤑 or always saving rather than spending, even on desired things 

These ‘shadow’ sides aren’t necessarily a bad thing, either!— There’s a place in this world for everyunique personality & expression of energy! 

(I can also see how some of these shadow aspects have shown up at times in myself, even though I have minimal 4 energy numerologically speaking—

so they’re not necessarily only relevant for “4” types) 

Some people will be more stable & consistent, others will be more free spirited & changeable — that’s the nature of life and human differences :) 

As a humanity, we all collectively balance each other out with our different traits— 

but, it can still be interesting to note what our own ‘shadow’ / growth opportunities are…

… Feeling into whether or not we feel called to step into a new energy or embodiment of our personality, at various times in our life☺️

Thanks for reading!

Do you resonate with the energy of “4”? If so, do you feel the ‘shadow’ side is present for you in your life, or no? 

Is “4” energy something you feel you lack / can learn to embody more deeply? :) 

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your experiences!

Love to you infinitely,

Sophie 🦋


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