Cleanse Your Energy

Speak your chosen reality into existence!

Our intentions, and the words we speak, directly affect our energy
and our reality~
both internally & externally!
Read the below affirmations aloud to CLAIM this as your own state of being.

You will find an extended recorded version of the below affirmations inside 'Cosmic Affirmations'


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Affirmations to Cleanse Your Energy

I call upon St Germaine & the Violet Flame to cleanse & uplift my entire energy 

I fill my space with this Violet Flame, transmuting anything not in service to the light & send it to creator’s light to be transmuted or evolved for the highest good of all 

I connect to the energy of the earth and feel mother earth’s golden core energy filling my entire being from my earth star chakra, to my root chakra, and filling my entire being with earth’s golden grounding loving light 

I connect to the energy of the universe, source consciousness, unconditional love frequency. I call this universal love energy in through my soul Star chakra, into my crown chakra & to fill my entire being with this love frequency

I am so grateful to be cleansed, clear & uplifted energetically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically - on all levels of my being  

I am one with my soul, my heart is filled with love, I radiate joy & abundance frequency & I know that the divine- is me . 

I claim this as so now, lovingly, willingly & effortlessly

So it is & so it be. 

With love, infinitely. 

Close Your Eyes

Take a moment to fully feel & receive these energies and affirm the word "yes" to claim them as your new state of being.

You can come back to these any time you like, to repeat & re-affirm your chosen energetic state!

You will find an extended recorded version of the above affirmations inside 'Cosmic Affirmations'

Cosmic Affirmations

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