Awakening Realisations— Personal Awarenesses

Some Messages / New Awarenesses Flowing Through Me Recently

When you realise that either:

— the fears, worries or concerns you have never actually actualise~ bad things never really happen


— the ‘bad’ things that have happened in your life, actually had much deeper lessons to show you and beauty to unfold from their very happening

You start to realise that nothing in life is ever going ‘wrong’

You are always in the right place at the right time

Your energy is attracting & creating your experiences, based on your beliefs, patterns & biases — and that’s okay! Because it’s making you more consciously aware of yourself and showing you your shadow /unconscious patterning! So it’s also all divinely aligned & intended for your awakening & expansion of your consciousness (so everything is exactly as it is, perfect & divine) 

You start to feel the peace that is and always was within you

Because nothing can go wrong

Even if your mind thinks it is going wrong, at a deeper level / higher dimensional / judgmentless space— it is always going right as it is all only intended for your highest good, to actualise your various / higher potentials

Not to keep you stuck in cycles of unawareness, by giving you what your mind thinks it wants, without actually unraveling all that was in the way for you internally (not just externally-as the external & our response to the external, only reflects the internal struggle) 

There is nothing to fear, no need to worry

Everything is fine, better than fine, perfect !

Your moment is perfect. There is nothing lacking. Only so much to gain / see or experience — to awaken into! 😍

Everything is, and always was, going to be okay!

You are okay, living, breathing, existing in this perfect moment— as u always have been 

There is never been anything wrong, anything lacking, in yourself , others or your world

You have always been perfect, divine, aligned & right on time-/ even if it felt like you weren’t// there was a deeper message of safety, support and trust wishing to be expressed, embodied & felt through you

Trust in yourself, trust in the universe, trust in your every moment— that it is all good, okay & all is well. There is nothing missing. You are not lacking. There is nowhere to get to or arrive to. There is nothing for you to become, there is just this moment in which you exist in perfect harmony, creativity & beauty — as the being , breath, human & cosmic expression that you truly are . In this moment and every moment of your existence, that is all. Feel the peace. Feel the breath. Remember the perfection, the divinity, the love. And even if you don’t, that’s still perfect. Because that’s your chosen experience for that moment and it allows for your deeper expansion, awakening & understanding 

Everything is okay and more than perfect— if that’s possible :) 

I love you :) 

You are divine :) 

You are right on time, 

And exactly where you need to be :) 

Literally !! 

Trust it feel it accept it be it

There is nothing that u need to do other than being you, simply and effortlessly - that it the truth of this existence. Don’t over complicate it— or do… and that is okay too :)

Let yourself be in the experience that you are in— and know that all is well, no matter what that is, looks like or feels like. 

There is nothing to do, other than be unapologetically, authentically you . 

How to do this?

Let go of attachments to what people think, to what u believe has to be right, to what you think you need to do or be in order to be worthy, because— 

You are already worthy

Be your authentic expression in this moment 

Be free and allow yourself to express that to others and the world around you 

Even your insecurities and shadow

But be conscious of it as you can

Not to project or harm, but to express lovingly and be authentic and true to you — is the way

Is the medicine

Is the plan

Is the higher expression. 

You are divine source energy in motion, in expression, in this world of physicality.

Lean into the magic of it all

And allow yourself to just be— you. 

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