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Magical Self-Love Affirmations
5 minute self-worth & heart activation affirmations.
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You are beautiful, unique & cosmically designed.
Awaken your heart & let your Soul shine!

Listening to these affirmations daily to open your heart, embrace your worth and remember your connection to Love.

Inside 'Magic of You', you also receive a 15 minute extended version of these affirmations. 'Magic of You' sells for $11 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Miracle Codes - Embodiment Activation
4 minute mini activation for Miracles! - preview of ACTIVATE.
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Light language is a multi-dimensional form of enery-transmission, used to activate higher awareness, remind you of your soul's potential, heal & resolve difficulties and support your evolution into the next phase of you.

Light Language works on the energetic, subconscious and soul-level. It by-passes the conscious mind (which can sometimes overanalyse or doubt words/affirmations) and supports at an even deeper level. It often comes through as vocal sounds & tones, which you will hear in this activation along with lovely affirmations - supporting you to appreciate the miracle of life, release doubts & insecurities, 
and believe in the miracle of YOU. 

This is one of 22 activations included inside 'ACTIVATE.

ACTIVATE intentionally guides you through a series of embodiment codes, chakra attunements, guided meditation and light language transmissions -  designed to activate & align you with your higher cosmic potentials and tap into your Joy & Purpose. 'ACTIVATE' sells for $77 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Guided Soul Connection Meditation

20 minute guided process to connect with your SOUL - preview of the Spiritual Self Activations.

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There is a time & place for informational learning, and there is a time & place for experiential embodiment. This meditation guides you to have your own personal experience with your Soul.

You are a Soul having a human experience.
It's possible for you to tune in with your own spiritual essence and begin embodying your Spiritual Self from within!
It is time.

This is one of 12 guided processes inside the 'Spiritual Self Activations', which are designed to systematically guide you into a state of deep awareness of your Spiritual Self and support you to activate & embody these spiritual aspects within you - so you can have a tangible spiritual experience for yourself, and become the walking embodiment of your Soul, Higher Self & more!

The 'Spiritual Self Activations' sells for $88 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Follow Your Heart

6 minute reminder of the magic & wisdom of your own heart - preview of 'Mini Heart Activation.'

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Your heart is wiser than you may believe.

You are capable of tuning in with, and following, the guidance of your own heart - your own inner wisdom - to create a live that truly reflects you, authentically.

The 'Mini Heart Activation' includes a lovely collection of light language transmissions designed to activate your heart, a guided heart meditation and guidance on following your heart to live an authentic life. 

The 'Mini Heart Activation' sells for $11 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Cleanse Your Energy (Mini)

5 minute affirmations to cleanse and renew your energy - preview of 'Cosmic Affirmations'.

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Cleanse energy that is no longer wanted or beneficial for your higher path.

When activating our higher potential,
this is essential.

You can use these affirmations daily for clearing.

This is one of 4 galactic affirmations included inside 'Cosmic Affirmations' - offering reminders and activations to bring the cosmic into your every-day. (includes mini & extended versions)

'Cosmic Affirmations' sells for $44 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.

For a
full energetic cleanse - I actually recommend the 'CLEANSE' program, which takes you through a 12-step process to cleanse your chakras and your energetic bodies, giving you a fresh slate and a full energetic reset with 3.6 hours of activations & healing. Clients have had wonderful results from using this program, feeling lighter, clearer, more empowered and healing old wounds - without really doing anything (just watching the videos provided). 'CLEANSE' sells for $111 on its own, or included in the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Find Your Inner Joy!
1 hr 46 min live activation replay - preview of the 'Evolving Soul Activation'. 
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How do we find Joy in our every day moments?! This extended live replay explores just that! With practical tips, cosmic activations and spiritual wisdom to support you in finding your inner joy.
This is one of 4 live replays included in the 'Evolving Soul Activation' - supporting you to embrace your evolution, resolve your shadow & live your purpose. 

The 'Evolving Soul Activation' currently sells for $7.77 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Guided Anapana Meditation

15 minute guided meditation using the ancient Anapana technique - preview of 'BALANCE'.

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By utilising Ancient Meditation Techniques we can cultivate deeper balance, focus and alignment in our lives by first creating it within ourself... by doing so, we naturally become clearer on our goals, more able to hold our higher vision and we become more capable of actualising our potential.

'BALANCE' includes 3 ancient guided meditation practices for inner peace, focus & clarity and sells for $44 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.


Sovereignty Activation

4 minute activation for sovereignty - Preview of 'EMPOWER'.

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There is one common denominator in all the challenges, joys and experiences in your life.... YOU.

YOU are the sovereign creator of your life & reality - which is what these activations support you to remember!

This is one of 6 activations inside 'EMPOWER". 'EMPOWER' is a series of light language activations & declarations for sovereignty & empowerment and sells for $55 on its own, or included inside the Activation Portal for $44/month.

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Client Love ♡

I could resonate with the programme, felt in my heart that it was for me. I feel like my body released some emotions that no longer serve me. Raise my vibration. I felt lighter, more relaxed and definitely more grounded."
The results of this cleanse program were epic for me. I didn't realize how much mental and emotional feelings needed to be worked on. Some memories from my childhood came up and cleanse helped me to work through them and let them go. A huge weight was lifted from my heart and mind. I am sincerely blown away!
"Very good value for money, more content than I thought."
This is 100% filled with healing energy - Sophie clearly pours her Heart and Soul into sharing her incredible Gifts in this Program. I honestly believe this is a system you will continue to use for the rest of your life - Yes, it's that good!' 

What's Included?

9 Activation Series (which each include from 1 - 22 activations each!)

Everything below for $44/Month

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Cosmically Encoded

Cosmic Channel for Love, Joy & Support!
Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Conduit for Divine Healing
About me
Sophie works with the magical & cosmic realms, channeling light codes, spoken word & intuitive guidance for her clients. Sophie’s passion is to guide you to deeper self-understanding, self-belief, to remember your Magic and believe in your SOUL!

She brings the essence of joy & an aura of love with her into every session & offering, encouraging you to playfully reconnect with your heart & your inner child. Sophie is here on Earth to support, guide and uplift~ through her energetic and spiritual work :)
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